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Self-love is not selfishness.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

My nephew Daniel preparing to take over the Brand New Thought podcast.

You don’t have to get your viewpoint of reality from news feeds.

You are not selfish if you stop doing that.

What if there is an alternative when something is, instead, trying to emerge through you?

What if that alternative is actually how you are wired to be?

In other words, what if perception is actually a creation?

Who am I to convince you:

Just look at it, and you’ll see that it is.

Creation has a direction, though.

It’s inside-out, not outside-in.

In other words, it comes from you and through you.

So then, that thing that wants to emerge through you,

You have to give it an availability.

If you don’t do that, you clog the system so it can’t come through you.

It is just temporarily prevented from emerging fully through you.

It doesn’t mean that the system is broken,

It’s just that you are feeling your interference with it.

It’s not selfish to remove your interference,

The new thought that will come through can feel better and serve better, both you and others.

There is no selfishness here,

It’s simply a more intentional creation, a birthright available to everyone since we are already wired like that.

All it takes is appreciating how the system works:

Not needing to believe in it, nor being cynical about it, but by wholeheartedly observing to notice the common threads.

There are basic principles that you only need to see once, and then you’ll see them everywhere.

It’s like learning chemistry and starting with the truth that all matter is made of particles.

It’s what numbers are to mathematics and even simpler.

In other words, it's the equivalent of that in terms of how the mind works.

It’s the truth you can feel your way into.


* Self-love is not selfishness.

* You are not selfish if you stop asking questions like

  • “What's wrong with me?”

  • ”Why me?”

  • “Who is to blame?”

* Ask these questions instead:

  • "What is it within me that's trying to emerge right now?"

  • "What gift do I have to give to the world?"

  • "Who do I want to be?"

Much love,



About Brand New Thought

Brand New Thought is a platform dedicated to paradigm shifts in personal development.

The Brand New Thought podcast features leading executive coaches and counselors who share a revolutionary framework of understanding about how the mind works, and how to use it for creating a joyful and highly effective life.

I'm Razmik Sargsyan, and I love helping people experience more joy and live a more abundant and productive life. I work with individuals and organizations who want to transform and unlock their hidden potential in terms of how life feels and what can be achieved.

The types of pressing issues I work with include stress, decision-making, relationships, confidence, time management, self-esteem, communication, loneliness, uncertainty, social anxiety, bereavement, resilience and conscious entrepreneurship.


As a public relations specialist, I love helping wellbeing oriented businesses communicate more strategically, so I support therapists and coaches to develop and market their practices with evidence-based principles, leveraging the research of behavioral science and best practices of digital audience acquisition.

This was the topic of my academic research, so if you currently run or plan to run a business in the domain of personal development, therapy or a similar modality, book a consultation.

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