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Divine selfishness is the recognition that your greatest joy (hedonistic idea) and your capacity to be of meaningful contribution to others (altruistic idea) are interconnected.


Your productivity, ability to communicate with others, capacity to generate new ideas and all the other goodies depend on your state of mind, which fluctuates moment by moment. With clarity of mind and presence, there is a natural receptiveness and the intelligence of all things can easily flow through you. On the other hand, a mind that’s contaminated, full of negative thoughts, is not able to milk even itself (the helpful past), let alone be open to anything brand new.


Fact 1: As humans, we are able to think and leverage focused consciousness. In more simple terms, we can guide our attention one way or another, even if we cannot control what we think.

Fact 2: Whatever thought happens to be in our mind at the moment, we will feel its resonance and vibration. The closer it is to the intelligence of all things, the more blissful we feel (and can do more). The further it is from the intelligence of all things, the more painful it feels. It's useful information.

An appreciation of these two facts creates a powerful laser mind, a level of understanding where we can use the guidance of our feelings and selfishly lean on those that feel better.

Since feelings are indicators of the quality of thought, this will guarantee that we will experience more thoughts that are helpful, inspired and reflect more of the intelligence of all things. This, in turn, will guarantee that we act and influence others from a powerful place of understanding, and energy.

Think about it as wellbeing-driven success. In truth, that’s the only long-term success possible, because the stress will otherwise cripple you.

Relax. Tune in. Follow your bliss.


About Brand New Thought & Razmik

Brand New Thought is a platform dedicated to paradigm shifts in personal development. It is founded by Razmik Sargsyan, a transformational coach helping individuals and groups achieve lasting freedom from anxiety while simultaneously increasing productivity, focus and clarity of mind.

Through highly personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, thematic group webinars and long-term mentorship programs, Razmik supports clients of multiple backgrounds and types of pressing issues, including stress, decision-making, confidence, time-management and many other aspects of life.

The Brand New Thought podcast features leading executive coaches and counselors who share their understanding of how the mind works and how to use that knowledge for creating a joyful and highly effective life.

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