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Inner radical change doesn't come from effort, it comes from understanding

Updated: May 25, 2023

Here is why 3 principles-based coaching has been so valuable to me and why I coach.

It helps us come to terms with how our experience of life is created, delving into the "source level" of all our perceptions, thoughts, and actions.

Since we never directly experience people, circumstances or opportunities, but rather our own perception of them, this coaching approach covers virtually everything.

Understanding the fundamental principles behind our perception process brings instant liberation, relieving stress and allowing us to awaken to what truly is, rather than staying focused on what isn't.

Once we grasp the truth of how the mind works beyond beliefs, dogmas or concepts, we can apply the same understanding to others.

This opens up a profound realization that each of us experiences our own utterly unique, inside-out, thought-created and forever transient version of reality.

It is an inevitable fact of human existence, but by being aware of it, both can navigate it more consciously and intelligently both concerning you and the person in front of you.

Imagine having shit on your eyeballs; you may not be able to eliminate it completely, but you'll know it's there.

This awareness creates space for deeper listening, forgiveness, non-attachment and creativity to flourish, because you'll then know that it's the same for other people.

In any conversation, it's not as if two cameras are capturing the same scene from different angles.

Instead, it's akin to two projectors projecting their inner experiences, emanating from the infinite source of creation within.

Appreciating this intricacy is often referred to as "separate realities" within the 3 principles community.

From the perspective of strategic communication, compassion and creating conscious and fruitful partnerships, exploring these principles is invaluable.

The deeper and simpler our understanding, the more powerful the impact.

Inner radical change doesn't come from effort, it comes from understanding.

You can meditate as long as you want, take psychedelics or engage in mental gymnastics of all kinds, but if you don't see the basic laws that govern our experience of life, you'll get nothing more than a temporary high.

You can't think way into truth, you have to gently observe it.

Enjoy this video of Sydney Banks, the Scottish author who discovered the 3 principles and reach out to me for more resources, if this speaks to you.

Check out the Brand New Thought podcast, where we explore the 3 principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought in different areas of life, together with other topics on psychology, personal development and productivity.


About Brand New Thought

Brand New Thought is a platform dedicated to paradigm shifts in personal development and communications.

The Brand New Thought podcast features leading transformational coaches all over the world who share a revolutionary framework of understanding about how the mind works and how to use it for a life free of inner struggles and full of meaningful connections, presence and intelligence.

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