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Life is a constant dance between being & doing, formless & form, peace & contrast, Alfa & Omega.

There is a misconception that if you touch that place in you of stillness and peace, then you will just sit there and do nothing. That's nonsense! All you do is quiet down to hear Wisdom, but Wisdom is beyond your expectations, and it may guide you to do something seemingly outrageous and out of the ordinary. And you'll be surprised by what happens if you just follow that hunch.

By the same token, if you just do, do, do all the time, you may experience the illusion of being effective, because, of course, you'll spend a lot of energy. That's just how the brain works. But if you do it to fix a seemingly broken word, to compensate for the feeling of not being enough, it's much like blowing on a sail and hoping to move the ship. Don't do that. You can open the sail and let the wind of Wisdom be your engine.

You see, you are ALREADY it, but you can think that you aren't. You're made of omnipresent energy, therefore you have the same quality to create any perception, including the perception as if you are NOT IT. And when you do that, all kinds of crap will come to your mind about what you have to do or how the world has to be for you to "get there".

Gladly, you can know it's crap by how it FEELS, no matter how reasonable it may seem at the moment. The feeling is there to guide you back. It's your way back home to Wisdom.

BE the Wisdom, and let it unfold in ways that your intellect cannot grasp. That's the only way to create a rampage and positive diversion.

You ARE that which you seek. You are the one you have been looking for. You are Wisdom, so if you want to hear wisdom, be Wisdom, and then the right doing will follow, and with it will follow how Wisdom wants to expand through you.


About Brand New Thought & Razmik

Brand New Thought is a platform dedicated to paradigm shifts in personal development. It is founded by Razmik Sargsyan, a transformational coach helping individuals and groups achieve lasting freedom from anxiety while simultaneously increasing productivity, focus and clarity of mind.

Through highly personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, thematic group webinars and long-term mentorship programs, Razmik supports clients of multiple backgrounds and types of pressing issues, including stress, decision-making, confidence, time-management and many other aspects of life.

The Brand New Thought podcast features leading executive coaches and counselors who share their understanding of how the mind works and how to use that knowledge for creating a joyful and highly effective life.

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