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Do this to stop blocking your inner guidance

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

We live in a world of thoughts.

We feel them, then, considering our belief system, we engage with them or not.

By doing this, we use our free will to create a relationship with what we observe.

This includes everything we ever feel and everything we can notice in this world.

Once again, it’s ALL thought. ALL perceptions of life begin and transform with it.

In other words, we create an experience of life with thought.

Any attempt to change the world without appreciating how we experience it first is doomed to a protracted failure.

It’s like trying to open doors without asking whether they should be pulled or pushed first, let alone understanding which ones to open and which ones to pass by.

So then, thoughts are the only thing conditioning our experience with our essence, with what we ALREADY are.

And what is that?

The fundamental nature of life is ...



It’s our essence and the essence of thoughts too.

Humanity has hundreds of names for it.

Some call it God, some call it energy.

Some just realize that underneath all the noise, they are fine. That’s Love too.

We are made of wellness and light. YOU are made of that.

It may sound strange, but this is a fact that can only be REALIZED.

It can also be conceptualized, but the only way for you to KNOW that it’s true is to realize it. And knowing is what makes the difference, not believing.

So, the fundamental essence of life is Love.

Realizing this is the ultimate birthright of every human. That’s the essence of Self-Realization.

Some people realize this when they witness the birth of their child.

Some people meditate and slow down to it.

It doesn’t matter how.

There is an infinite number of “journeys” to it because, well, you are already there.

So what can you do?

Since you are already there, the only prerequisite for touching it is ...


Why is that?

Only because the power of thought is so omnipotent, that you will never stop experiencing its illusion.

You will SEE as you THINK.

Whatever you think will find a way of proving itself to you at the moment.

It’s the world’s most powerful special effects system.

Thus, even a thought that’s unloving and painful, you’ll feel its resonance and it will temporarily mask your experience.

Right now. As you read this, it’s your mood that dictates your relationship with these words.

So, the reason you need a quiet mind for Self-Realization is the power of thought.

A glimpse of you not projecting anything, so that you can see WHAT IS.

This is what the Scottish mystic Sydney Banks meant when he said,

"Stop looking at what's created, and see what's creating".

But if you read this and your mind is full of thoughts, don’t worry about it.

You can start with not minding it. Just get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You don't have to tap into a complete state of no thought. You can just let them be for a second.

Put them on the shelf.

And here is the good news: they have no power of their own and will be gone in no time.

So remember this.

You are already there.

You'll see when you see it

There is nowhere to arrive.

Much love,



About Brand New Thought & me

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The Brand New Thought podcast features leading executive coaches and counselors who share a revolutionary framework of understanding about how the mind works, and how to use it for creating a joyful and highly effective life.

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I support clients of multiple backgrounds and types of pressing issues, including stress, decision-making, relationships, confidence, time management, self-esteem, strategic communication, loneliness, uncertainty, social anxiety, bereavement and resilience.


As a public relations specialist, I love helping spiritual businesses communicate more strategically, so I support therapists, coaches and healers to develop and market their practices with evidence-based principles, leveraging the research of behavioral science and best practices of digital audience acquisition.

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