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5 coaching sessions

5 coaching sessions

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What's included


-5 highly personalized coaching sessions, each lasting for about an hour, where you throw your concerns at me

-24/7 support via chat for the next month (response within 14 hours)

-Non-disclure forms (if desired)

-Supporting materials to watch and listen to (10 hours+)



What other people say they get and what you are likely to get from this


-Freedom from stress or a better relationship with stressful feelings that sometimes come up

​-Increased productivity and focus

-Personal guidance, solution-focused and evidence- based support through the changes you seek

-Insights that allow you not to be afraid of your experience

​-Help tapping into a state of mind where you find answers to the questions you ask or stop asking questions you don’t need to ask

-Sense of innate confidence

-New skills for effective decision-making

-Fresh thoughts and inspiration that leads to action

-Sense of coordination and accountability with your projects

-Better time-management


"My coaching with Razmik was more like a conversation with a longtime friend which magically led to insights and realizations which seemed just so obvious in the end... There was an effortlessness and joy that led to unexpected clarity. It was like “oh wow! How did that happen?” It was like we weren’t trying to do anything and magic happened. Still not sure how it all transpired but very grateful for the result and the confirmation that it all doesn’t have to be so hard!!!! Thank you Razmik!!", Paula Labossiere, USA


About the method


The three principles at the heart of my work are insight-focused and wellbeing-oriented. The method can be compared to the physics approach - boil things down to the most fundamental truths you can observe and then reason up from there. Lasting progress is achieved by facilitating insights into our fundamental paradigm about how the mind works, which can dissolve issues at their foundations and provide in-moment, unexpected and easy-to-apply guidance.

The three principles have been used to drive positive change in all levels of education, business, police, mental health, community development and beyond. Practitioners, therapists and teachers around the world have used the three principles to help people with anxiety disorders, including panic disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

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