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"My coaching with Razmik was more like a conversation with a longtime friend which magically led to insights and realizations that seemed so obvious in the end. There was an effortlessness and joy that led to unexpected clarity".

Paula Labossiere, USA

For individuals


- transformational coaching

- laser coaching

- mentorship programs

- mental health education

  • Freedom from anxiety

  • Ease in relationships

  • Resilience in the face of uncertainty

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Not minding pressure



For organizations and entrepreneurs



- group coaching

- public relations consultancy

- digital marketing

- public relations research

  • Increased employee wellbeing and productivity

  • Finding clients and serving them powerfully

  • Communicating consciously and persuasively with audiences on which your success or failure depends (including your team)

- dealing with stress and anxiety

- productivity and focus

- pressure and time management

- employee relations and wellbeing

- laser coaching 

does any of this sound familiar?

  • I feel  anxiety and it prevents me from being productive.

  • I struggle with decisions, often regret them or become stressed when I overthink things.

  • I don't know what path is best for me and feel anxious in the uncertainty. 

  • I have so much work to do, and this pressure almost does not let me feel like myself.

  • Time management has become a problem. 

  • I have so many thoughts that it's hard to be focused on a specific task for a long time.

  • People trigger me more than I would like.difficult
    I have a sense of unease in my relationships and

  • I lack a sense of inner satisfaction, peacefulness and presence.


you are not alone, and there is a solution!

Literally everybody has some form of it, and we are doing the best we can given our level of understanding about what causes it and what heals it. In many cases, we don't even believe it is possible to be free of it.

Because it is so normal, we presume it is natural or consider anxiety an inevitable side effect of the reality we live in. But it doesn't have to be that way. I am living proof of that, and the solutions I want to share with you helped me and thousands of others maintain inner balance even in times of war and armed conflict.


There is nothing I teach that is based on belief or an exercise you have to carry out. While all techniques are useful to a certain degree, if you want to build a rocket, you start with physics, not engineering. Once you understand physics on a deeper level, you apply universal rules in contexts where you did not even realize they were applicable.

Similarly, when it comes to personal development and mental health, all things come to understanding how the mind works. You don't want to be like the person who looks for the lost keys outside the house "because the lighting is better." You are bound to constantly look if you search for things where they cannot be found.


Inna Makyan, physical design engineer

I am truly thankful to Razmik for helping me effortlessly change my perception of the "things that made me feel stressful," which helped me deal with many things I found scary or impossible before.


Tatevik Galstyan, cybersecurity account manager

Razmik helped me discover my own self in new different ways, understand how to deal with stressful moments in life, how to interpret the obstacles and everyday challenges that we get. 


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