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Unlocking resilience in challenging times

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This webinar is for people who seek to gain tangibly increased freedom from stress and unlock their resilience. You may be dealing with a work-related situation, uncertainty in a relationship, a fear of a future threat, a sense of overwhelm or a different challenging circumstance. The purpose of this webinar is to dive into the essence of human experience and give you a fundamental and evidence-based understanding that will unlock your inner resilience and in-moment wisdom, the guidance from which will be unique to your situation. Only you have the answers you seek, but there are common misunderstandings that get in our way, like mud on a windshield. To help you get rid of them, you will be invited to have 10 insights about 1. Why the way you relate to things dictates how you experience and respond to them 2. Fluctuations of feelings and why it's important to understand them 3. How your experience is created on a subtle level 4. The role of thoughts 5. Your power of focus and evidence-based tips on working with the momentum of thoughts 6. How to interpret the guidance of feelings 7. The essence of resilience and where it comes from 8. How resilience can be allowed, unlocked or blocked 9. How this process is "in-moment" and why it's important 10. Not being afraid of your experience






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